Monthly Archives: January 2017

Lego: Interactive experiences in-store

We love this Lego display, found in the Meadowhall Lego store. This classic shelving display has a modern twist by integrating cubes of built Lego on display. With a play table in-store for kids to give the products a try, a fun and engaging space has been created for the Lego brand. Great displays and a […]

Simon Says: Should I take a counter-offer from my employer?

The counter-offer is a huge dilemma for many candidates, which is understandable as the unknown can be daunting.  It’s easy to fall into the honey trap of the incentives being offered to stay.  In my opinion this is never a good option, and here is why I believe you should never take a counter-offer. Too […]

Super SuperDry savings

In our latest retail expedition, we spotted this sale display in SuperDry at in Meadowhall. Featured centrally in store, the display showcases a range of striped and patterned knitwear with upto 50% off. Allowing for easy pick up by customers as we say goodbye to winter, and hello to the Spring/Summer collections the high-street stores will soon have […]

The Disney Store | Where 70% off dreams come true

As the January sales come to a close the High Street is making one last bid at getting consumers to grab a bargain and The Disney Store is just one retailer from the High Street offering upto 70% off toys. As Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ smashes the box offices the ‘Force Awakens’ merchandise in-store is […]

This week we ask Simon: How do I get a promotion?

Working in recruitment I hear the words ‘ambitious’ and ‘progression’ a great deal, so this week I have decided to tackle the question ‘how do I get a promotion’?  Having spent nearly 20 years in the recruitment industry I’ve seen many ambitious individuals climb the ladder of success from junior to years later becoming a […]

Buddy’s Bites: New year, new retail trends

First things first, Happy New Year.  Paws up who had a great festive break? I hope everyone got plenty of treats! It might be a bit miserable outside and we might be struggling to get back into our usual routines (I kept up my daily morning walkies so I am doing ok), but it looks […]