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Job interview tips: Make a great first impression

An interview is your gateway to a new opportunity so it’s essential to get those interview skills toned up and really impress those potential employers.  Below are some pointers on how you can conduct the perfect interview. This includes face to face, video calls and telephone interviews. Research the company Really get to know your […]

Portfolio hints and tips to showcase your work

A portfolio is a huge selling point for any professional in the creative industry, it’s a fantastic opportunity to sell yourself and show what you are capable of. Be selective about the work you showcase Don’t overdo it, sometimes it pays to be ruthless. Make sure you focus on showcasing the best and most relevant […]

Tips for writing the perfect CV

The CV seems to have been around for ever, in fact Leonardo Da Vinci has been credited with creating the first way back in 1482 (You learn something every day). Things have advanced since those times and the availability of free apps and editing software means you can get creative with your writing and also […]

Industry Insights – With our candidate Leanne at Mather & Co

After finding her dream job through Straco, I’m sure the last thing our candidate Leanne wanted to do was have yet another interview! However, she made an exception for us, so we chatted to her about her experiences with Straco, and her new role with our client, Mather & Co! How did you find your […]

Simon Says: Should I take a counter-offer from my employer?

The counter-offer is a huge dilemma for many candidates, which is understandable as the unknown can be daunting.  It’s easy to fall into the honey trap of the incentives being offered to stay.  In my opinion this is never a good option, and here is why I believe you should never take a counter-offer. Too […]

This week we ask Simon: How do I get a promotion?

Working in recruitment I hear the words ‘ambitious’ and ‘progression’ a great deal, so this week I have decided to tackle the question ‘how do I get a promotion’?  Having spent nearly 20 years in the recruitment industry I’ve seen many ambitious individuals climb the ladder of success from junior to years later becoming a […]